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Welcome to after36.com, this is a place to share and give. I name it after36.com because I'm already after 36 year old, and should be doing this 10years ago. I created my first website 10 years ago but didn’t continue as I’m too lazy to update the site. Work on many things for the last 12 career years but nothing special to share.


For this website, it’s mainly ‘because I wanted to share my 4D prediction or method to every member. Since, only members are allowed, its easlier to control. Those below 18+ are not welcome here. There are a few sections in this site, all for FREE, except if you want to buy something from me in the My Product section. Again, for members who want to sell something here, you can do so by getting in touch with me. Don’t waste time creating another website, test your market here.


Most interesting will be the 4D predictions, but please do not indulge in this.



Gambling is NOT going to make you RICH!!! At least, even with this program, I didn’t get rich, but it is fun.


How to play 4D with my predictions? Simple, buy all the numbers in permutation that showed on My Prediction page. !!! Ya rite, you go bankrupt in no time. Just pick one number that have some significant to you or mean something to you. For example, my car number 2862, when the My Prediction show 2268 in the next coming draws,…Buy iBet for the number 2268, (depending how much you can afford, don’t over gamble!). It should come out soon. (IT SHOULD, I never say it WILL)


TOTO prediction is not tested, it’s still under investigation. Buy at your own risk!


Free Stuff is for members only. We can share things that are not needed anymore in the household. E.g. Books, toys, fish tanks, etc?Just let me know, and then I can post for everyone to know.


There is a simple forum page, simple messages for gathering and stuff. I , have discontinues using the forum to post my winning prediction, however, I have created a new blog for this. www.after36.com/blog


If you like the prediction, please feel free to post your comments on the blog. If you wish to contribute to my site, you can click on the donate button.


Cheers. Chee Cheng



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